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+ - 10:10am - How to find those trend reversals - before they happen

george hallmey 2023Speaker: George Hallmey, Click Events

Discover how to trade in harmony with the market. Eliott, his waves and Fibonacci demystified. The two best Elliot chart patterns which few traders know. Yes, it can be as easy as A-B-C to find the best entries (& exits). How to find hugely profitable trades using this one pattern. Automate these most important Fib levels on your charts.



+ - 11:15am - The #1 reason traders fail, and how you can fix it

michael katz 2023Speaker: Michael Katz, CEO, Trade the Pool

It is not a secret that most traders fail during their first 6 months of trading. Most “mentors” will tell you that it’s because you are not disciplined and you are letting your emotions get in the way. After 15 years in the game, I can easily show you the real reason most traders fail, and most importantly I will share with you how to avoid these pitfalls. I can guarantee you that once you know, it will change your trading results. Traders fail and most importantly share with you how to avoid that (Once you’ll know, it will change your trading results for life).


+ - 11:55am - Exponential growth is dead, the new way to become a 7-figure trader

saul lokier copySpeaker: Saul Lokier, The5ers

Do you think exponential growth is an excellent way to grow your account? Let me show you a better way. I will share with you the patterns and habits of hundreds of traders which allow them to achieve and access 6 and 7-figure accounts way faster than with exponential growth. Knowing what they have in common will shorten your process to access large funding capital for your trading.


+ - 12:25pm - How to use stop losses and leverage

rob carverSpeaker: Rob Carver, Experienced Derivatives Trader

Join experienced derivatives trader, Rob Carver, as he explains in easy steps why position sizing and risk management are the most important elements of any trading strategy. Rob shows you why most traders are calculating both stop losses, and position sizes incorrectly and explains how you can get it right.



+ - 1:20pm - LUNCHTIME SUMMIT "The Traders' Dilemma: Risk v Reward and how to get the balance right"

lee sandford 2023jason graystone lts2023 Chaired by: Lee Sandford, Trading College
Panel: Jason Graystone




+ - 2:15pm - How to trade the first pullback

paul wallaceSpeaker: Paul Wallace

Many new traders are overwhelmed at the variety of trading methods available. In this session Paul Wallace will share a simple instrument and timeframe agnostic trading method to help new traders be able to trade the first pullback in a possible new trend.




+ - 2:45pm - A simple-to-execute and high-probability swing trading methodology

david paul 2020 new a5455beeSpeaker: David Paul, VectorVest

In the presentation, David will show you how to easily pinpoint high-probability swing trades. Using the power of VectorVest, he will illustrate how to profitably swing trade in stocks with strong growth fundamentals that are rising in price when the overall market is favourable for buying stocks. Both entry points and exit points will be covered, along with recommendations on optimal position sizing.

These trades can be executed by buying the stock or using a spread betting market maker with leverage. If you can follow this plan then you will be a consistently winning trader with little fuss.