The Champagne Suite, Novotel London West

    Friday, 10th March, 2023

    Doors Open: 9:30am  Doors Close: 5:00pm

Power up your trading with a day at the London Trader Show - be a better trader

Friday 10th March 2023, Novotel London West

The London Trader Show is an exciting, stimulating, high-powered and inspirational event. Over one day, you'll meet other traders, learn and improve your trading techniques, from some of the top names in the industry, chat with exhibitors and sponsors from around the world and walk away wiith a wealth of information and ideas. All with one goal in mind - how to make YOU a consistent, successful and profitable trader.

With trading skills workshops, live trading demos with in-the-moment commentary, free seminars, panel sessions on global trading trends and new areas of interest, an interactive exhibition and some exceptional speakers, the London Trader Show puts your trading first.

Trading workshops, panel sessions and and free seminars on the day include:

"What's hot? Trading in 2023: Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Commodities" (Speakers: Paddy Osborn (tbc), Jason Graystone, Michael Katz, Saul Lokier and Adam Harris)
"The #1 reason traders fail, and how you can fix it". By Michael Katz (11.15 am, Main Auditorium)
“Trading Psychology - know yourself, know your trading, beat the odds" – Secrets for Success”
“Set your trading goals... and achieve them” 
"Exponential growth is dead, the new way to become a 7-figure trader." Saul Lokier (11.55 am, Main Auditorium)
“How to build a structured trading plan" Speaker: Paddy Osborn
"How to maintain an edge in trading” (Speaker: Jason Graystone)
"The 5 most common mistakes that trader make - and how to avoid them" (Speaker: Patrick Reid, Adamis Principle)
“Applying Intermarket Technicals to Global Macro” (Speaker: Ashraf Laidi) 

A day packed with useful information, valuable insight from other top traders and a chance to meet and speak with some of the leading companies providing the products and services to boost your trading - spend a day focussed on your trading and leave the event better informed, better connected, better equipped and ready to profit.

Tickets on the door cost £25, with Silver and Gold Passes costing £69 (for access to workshops and the Lunchtime Summit in the Auditorium) and £129 (as Silver PLUS access to the Traders’ Lounge networking area with refreshments and lunch) respectively. Every delegate receives:

  • Entry to the exhibition hall
  • Access to all free seminars and sessions taking place in the TradeCentral and the OpenStage Theatre throughout the day
  • A FREE Delegate Welcome Pack
  • Your personal copy of the London Trader Show Event Guide - an A4 magazine produced to accompany the event containing full exhibitor listings, speaker profiles and trading articles.

"We are very excited to be exhibiting, and sponsoring, at the London Trader Show this month, and we’re looking forward to meeting many like-minded traders and investors. I believe the London Academy of Trading is ideally positioned to help retail traders develop their knowledge and skills to maximise their trading performance, whether trading for themselves or looking to develop a more professional approach."

LATPaddy Osborn, Academic Dean and Managing Director of London Academy of Trading


You are invited to join us at the London TRADER Show 2023 - an exciting one-day event and exhibition, dedicated to supporting active traders and helping you to maximise profit and improve your trading returns.

Featured Speakers

Saul Lokier

Michael Katz

Tutors, speakers and presenters who take part in the London TRADER Show offer an unparalleled opportunity to hear from people in the industry – people who are actively trading, and have an insight and expertise that they can share with delegates. Workshops and seminars are carefully designed to deliver top quality learning – new trading strategies, trading psychology, how to get started and how to optimise your profit.

Featured Sessions

The #1 reason traders fail, and how you can fix it

Michael Katz, CEO, Trade the Pool

tradethepoolIt is not a secret that most traders fail during their first 6 months of trading. Most “mentors” will tell you that it’s because you are not disciplined and you are letting your emotions get in the way.

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Exponential growth is dead, the new way to become a 7-figure trader

Saul Lokier, The5ers

the5ersDo you think exponential growth is an excellent way to grow your account? Let me show you a better way. will share with you the patterns and habits of hundreds of traders which allow them to achieve and access 6 and 7-figure accounts way faster than with exponential growth.

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