Jonny Fry

CEO // TeamBlockchain Ltd
Jonny Fry The London Cryptocurrency Show April 14th 2018

Jonny Fry is a blockchain, Crypto economics, ICO and funds specialist. He is a co-founder of Lifesci, a new blockchain / AI / Crypto consumer lifestyle and healthcare search engine, with Dinis Guarda, Ajan Reginald and Professor Martin Evans, Nobel of medicine,. In 2016 he created the UK based international influencer network, Team Blockchain with Thomas Power.

Jonny has over 25 years’ experience as CEO of an asset management business which he floated in London with over £1 Billion under management. His focus has been on the dynamics of financial innovation, advising on ICOs, Tokenomics, Crypto funds and he is a regular speaker on these topics.

He has extensive knowledge and experience of the financial services sector, looking after private clients and institution’s assets, managing funds in the UK and globally. He has been CEO and on the board of a variety of regulated and unregulated companies in the U.K. and internationally, in a number of different industries. He has first-hand experience of working with the press and managing corporate and reputational risk for a number of organisations.