• NEXT EVENT: Friday 1st November 2024 - Novotel London West - 9:30am - 5:00pm


Speakers at the London Trader Show are there to help you become a successful, and profitable trader. Some of the speakers are well-known traders themselves. Some of the speakers have a wide knowledge of trading and related issues. Others are expert in a very particular area. All are worthy of your time and all will do their level best to impart some ideas, some knowledge, some confidence and, primarily, practical strategies that you can apply to your own trading.

Ali Riasati
Oxy Capital

Previous / March 2024 Speakers

Rob Carver
Experienced Derivatives Trader
Paul Wallace
on behalf of ActivTrades
Ross Maxwell
on behalf of ActivTrades
Adrian Buthee
Darren Sinden
on behalf of ActivTrades
Adrian Slack
Trade Uni
Prav Enjapuri
Andrew Prosser
Nick Miller
Gavin Holmes
on behalf of ActivTrades
Wolfgang Habereder
Trade Uni
Ian Coleman
Adam Harris
William Davies
Private Trader
Steve Goldstein
Alpha R Cubed
Dan Brown
Trading College
Ashraf Laidi
Alex Spiroglou
Global Macro Trader
Zaheer Anwari
Sublime Trading
Charlie Burton
Rajan Dhall MSTA
Yohay Elam
Lee Sandford
Jason Graystone
Peter Zajaczkowski
Pro trader
Simon Campbell
Eli Yans
Ricki Rajah
Trading College

Previous Speakers

Saul Lokier
Michael Katz
CEO, Trade The Pool
Dr Mayen Egbe
Trading College
James North
Trading College
Clive Arneil
The Sharp End
Paul Wallace
on behalf of ActivTrades
Nadira Tudor