Speakers 2023

Tutors, speakers and presenters taking part in London Trader Show 2023 offer an unparalleled opportunity to hear from people in the industry – people who are actively trading, and have an insight and expertise that they can share with delegates. Workshops and seminars are carefully designed to deliver top quality learning – new trading strategies, trading psychology, how to get started and how to optimise your profit. Solid training and ideas that you can put to work, right away, to help improve your trading.

Saul Lokier
Michael Katz
CEO, Trade The Pool
Paddy Osborn
London Academy of Trading
Rob Carver
Experienced Derivatives Trader
Alex Spiroglou
Dr Mayen Egbe
Trading College
James North
Trading College
David Paul
Managing Director, VectorVest
Adam Harris
Glen Goodman
Full-time Investor
George Hallmey
Click Events
Gil Ben Hur
Founder, The5ers / TradeThePool
Clive Arneil
The Sharp End
Lee Sandford
Founder, Mentor & Author - Trading College
Sylvia Marshall
Zero to a Million Club
Jason Graystone
Ashraf Laidi
Paul Wallace
on behalf of ActivTrades
Rajan Dhall
Trading College
Nadira Tudor
James Proudlock
Karim Yousfi
CEO, AudaCity Capital
Federica D’Ambrosio
AudaCity Capital
Matthew Jackman
AudaCity Capital
Lewis Clamping