• NEXT EVENT: Friday 1st November 2024 - Novotel London West - 9:30am - 5:00pm

Exhibit at the London Trader Show

Welcome to the London Trader Show.
Investor Conferences is delighted to present the London Trader Show - a unique one day exhibition and event dedicated to providing education and information to private investors and traders in the UK. The London Trader Show is a one-day, in-person event, dedicated to retail traders - covering all areas of trading, from forex to CFD’s, stocks and indices, bond trading to commodities and cryptocurrencies. The London Trader Show is designed to provide ongoing education and training to existing traders, whilst also helping new traders learn how to get started.

Why Exhibit?

Be part of the UK's premier educational event for traders.

  • meet and speak with up to 2000 traders over the day
  • collect valuable data for follow-up after the event
  • network with other industry participants
  • raise brand awareness and increase market share
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