Glen Goodman  london trader show 2023 summit conference

Dr Mayen Egbe

Trading College

Mayen started her trading journey as a student on the Trading College Mentorship Programme and actively trades the markets alongside her full-time job. Her main role at Trading College is within trader education and she is passionate about helping beginners starting on the course to quickly become a profitable trader to help build their confidence. For many years Mayen has been fascinated by the financial markets and long dreamed of one day becoming a consistently profitable trader but was unable to find an organization that could be trusted to provide the right education and training. Her search ended after she came to one of our free webinars and later signed onto the Trading College Mentorship Programme back in 2019. By her own admission, she looks back with gratitude to the day she signed onto the course. Mayen relishes the challenges of trading the markets outside of her work schedule. The techniques she learnt on our Mentorship Programme meant that she was able to adapt to a trading style that suited someone working a traditional day job and she has not looked back since! She particularly enjoys the financial freedom that trading the markets gives her, allowing her greater choice with what she would like to fill her time with....even if that's choosing to hold onto a career that she still deeply loves. Mayen is qualified by the Society of Technical Analysts (STA).

Where to see?

Join Dr Mayen Egbe in the "Live Trading Area" at 1pm. You can find the Live Trading Area next to the Trading College stand at the London Trader Show A4.