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  • CONOMI is an FCA-registered digital asset portfolio management company. ICONOMI specialises in the distribution of medium to long-term portfolios, which have consistently outperformed the market.

    The ICONOMI platform is designed to provide businesses or retail investors with an extra layer of protection and security in the cryptocurrency market. The ICONOMI trade engine is built on top of more than 10 global exchanges, providing investors with exchange diversification. The trade engine searches multiple global exchanges simultaneously to find you the best possible price for each transaction, both buys and sells.

    Not only can you utilise the existing digital asset portfolios on the ICONOMI platform, but you can also develop your own portfolio and use the portfolio management features to manage risk and execution. The ICONOMI state-of-the-art platform technology provides you with the ability to build and monitor your very own cryptocurrency portfolio but in a more traditional sense.

    Key Features:
    - FCA-registered for custody and crypto activity
    - Private & public portfolios
    - Hot and cold storage
    - 100% asset segregation
    - Secure custody
    - Balance sheet custody
    - Risk mitigation
    - Track and manage your crypto investments anytime, anywhere, at ICONOMI:
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