Stand No. A14 - London Academy of Trading

Established in 2010, the London Academy of Trading (LAT) has provided training for thousands of individuals wishing to enhance their knowledge of financial markets and develop their skills in trading. The academy is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

Our students range from university pupils to working people, company owners, entrepreneurs, and retired individuals. Some are looking to develop their career in trading, while others are looking to learn the knowledge and practical skills to invest their own money in the markets. Our courses range from 1-day events to our flagship 12-week Advanced Trading Course, accredited by ABE and regulated by Ofqual. Our short courses are CPD-certified, enabling students to generate valuable CPD credits.

Our teaching faculty is comprised of experienced traders and analysts from major financial institutions including HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Bloomberg. Students have direct access to our trading mentors for ten hours every day for advice and guidance, helping them develop structured trading strategies combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills. One of our main USPs is our flexibility. You can stop/resume your course as required, and you can choose to study either on our London trading floor, online or through our blended option.