Glen Goodman  london trader show 2023 summit conference

Matthew Jackman

Head of Operations, AudaCity Capital

Matthew is Head of Operations at AudaCity Capital, he is responsible for all of the back end operations and delivery of all of the company’s products and services as a London based proprietary trading firm. He holds a masters in Finance and Investment Banking and started his relationship with AudaCity Capital on the Hidden Talents Program as a trainee FX trader. Alongside his current role he actively trades the FX markets managing company capital with AudaCity alongside his own personal accounts. Matthew has worked in all areas of the business transitioning from support facing roles, sales and now Head of Operations where he sits today.

Where to see?

Join Matthew at 2.30pm in TradeCentral for his seminar "Elevate your trading with AudaCity Capital's unique Fibonacci tool", presented together with Federica D’Ambrosio (AudaCity Capital)