Glen Goodman  london trader show 2023 summit conference

Rajan Dhall

MSTA, CFTe - Trading College

As well as heading up our coaches team at Trading College as our Senior Trader/Coach, Raj has also worked as a lecturer at the Society of Technical Analyst's at The London School of Economics. He was a Market Analyst at Kitco, FX Street, Tradingview, Interactive investor, Newsquawk and many more. At the AUM, he was Fund manager, managing around $30million with the help of 6 traders.

Raj bases his core trading philosophy on technical analysis. This is by no means all, as he uses probability and statistics very heavily. Raj has three pillars of trading which are psychology, money management and then strategy. Without being competent in all three areas of trading it will be hard to succeed. New customers can expect a very calm and relaxed approach but with a great success rate, Raj has managed to turn many new traders into consistently profitable Trading College graduates.

Where to see?

Join Rajan for his seminar "10 things you can learn from profitable traders" at 10:00am in the OpenStage Theatre.

Join Rajan in the "Live Trading Area" at 1pmm and 3:15pm. You can find the Live Trading Area next to the Trading College stand at the London Trader Show A4.