Eli Yans

Trader and Financial Author
Eli Yans, a qualified teacher, mnemonics expert and a photoreader, used these skills to analyse more than a decade of behaviour from hundreds of financial instruments in the stock market. Before becoming a very successful trader, he, like so many beginners lost all his money in trading, in particular, Apple stocks. This led him to conduct his own research without the bias of the books, tutorials and traditional trading methods which so many traders have become accustomed to. Tens of thousands of screenshots from the tick, 1-second, 5-second, 15-second and 1-minute charts, were meticulously analysed, trading tools and trading systems were redesigned, tested and retested, before writing the book, ‘Applecore: Trade with extreme prejudice’. - probably the most controversial book on trader training printed to date. Now, he presents his original, unconditioned and unbiased research to corporates and individuals helping improve the technical analysis and trading practices of new and experienced traders across the world.