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The Auditorium

10:00am - 10:50am

How Proper use of Intermetal Technicals helped call the Gold Bottom

Updating our Gold Count vis à vis Silver, Copper and Platinum.
Dissecting USD Trends Beyond the DXY Index
Staying on Top of Volatile Rate Expectations
Adding Confidence to Bitcoin Analysis via Bitcoin/Gold Ratio

Speaker: Ashraf Laidi

11:00am - 11:30am

Top Trader 2024 - Meet the Winners
Sponsored by Tickmill

Traders have been competing in the Top Trader 2024 competition for 2 weeks leading up to the London Trader Show. Now is your chance to hear from the 4 most profitable traders over that time - find out what they think gave them an edge, what strategies they favoured, what markets they traded in order to become a Top Trader 2024. Compered by Charlie Burton.

Compere: Charlie Burton

11:45am - 12:45pm

Trading Workshop:
Stop Losses and Leverage

Join best-selling trading book author, Rob Carver, as he explains why position sizing and risk management are the most important elements of any trading strategy, and why most traders are calculating both stop losses and position sizes incorrectly. Learning point: How to correctly calculate stop loss targets and position sizes.

Speaker: Rob Carver

1:00pm - 1:50pm

The Lunchtime Summit Panel Session:
"Trade the News - what to look for and how to trade it"

News can be both regular daily headlines, and specific market data news. Some think that trading before the news is released allows traders to enter the market efficiently and at a price when the market is likely less volatile. Others disagree. Whether before or after, all traders agree that trading the news should be an integral component of your investing strategy. While a day trader may trade the news several times in a session, a long-term investor might do so only occasionally. Join the panel who will share with you their own thoughts on how, and when, is the best time to trade the news.

Chaired by TBC
Panel: Jason Graystone; Lee Sandford, Ashraf Laidi and more

3:30pm - 4:30pm

What Day Traders Need to Know to Profit from Market Volatility

Join Adrian Buthee of Trendsignal at this crucial session providing strategies to profit from intraday market volatility. Attendees will gain key insights on identifying opportunities, managing risk, and optimizing profits, including the best markets and times of day to trade. Whether a beginner or seasoned trader, this session offers invaluable perspective to navigate uncertainty for trading success.

Speaker: Adrian Buthee, Head of Trading, Trendsignal