Traders’ Networking Event

Join us for this amazing networking event where you will meet like-minded people and make lots of great contacts. This is a new feature at the London Trader Show, suggested by previous delegate, Peter Zajaczkowski - a pro trader who has run a business networking café in Malta. Peter wanted to meet other traders at the London Trader Show, believing that surrounding yourself with other traders and meeting them weekly is a crucial factor to trading success, so he is now helping to run this Networking Event for other delegates.

It’s a chance to meet other traders, seek a mentor, seek someone who is looking for a mentor – or simply connect with your peers. Taking place in the Roundtable Room at 3.30pm, Peter will lead the session and explain how it works at that time. If you have business cards please bring them along*, otherwise you can use your phone to share your WhatsApp QR code with others.

(If you are not familiar with this option, watch this short explanation video on YouTube:

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Traders' Networking Event